Making the “Eis”

Date: 4th February 2022

“EIS – AR” McDonald’s Germany’s latest Happy Meal augmented reality (AR) app, which launched in January 2022, features interactive content that enables users to scan pages of a book to bring to life realistic representations of objects and creatures.

The app, developed by Red Frog Digital, is a companion to the EIS book, which is available to purchase with a Happy Meal at McDonalds in Germany.

The app includes several fun and educational features, including an interactive 3D augmented reality glacier, which shows different angles of the object to demonstrate natural glacier movement, along with a 3D AR iceberg, which also allows users to view it above and below the waterline and even scale the model up to life-size dimensions!

Meanwhile, the app’s interactive 3D walrus claps and grunts with life-like movements and sounds. The user can even investigate the creature in “skeleton view”, enabling them to learn about different elements of the creature anatomy and habitat.

The app also includes four interactive mini games:

An arctic fox snow jumping game enables users to interact with it as they help it to hunt for food, make it jump. When the user taps on the animal, information pops up about the animal and its habitat.

In the penguin dive game, users can control an on-screen penguin as it dives deeper into the water to catch fish. The deeper it dives, the darker the water gets, but the user must avoid obstacles in the water in order to catch the fish. There are more fish the deeper the penguin dives, but the darkness makes it more difficult to see the obstacles. The user must keep their penguin happy by ensuring it catches enough food.

In a third mini game, users can help an orca to hunt for food by using finger swipe patterns on screen to create waves in the water. The user must watch carefully to see what pattern they need to make with their finger swipe in order to make the orca follow a specific route. If the user gets the pattern right, the orca is able to swim the route the user has created.

The Icebreaker game enables users to steer a ship with remote control in order to break through ice and collect shining objects and boxes from the ocean. At the end, users can then view their haul and collect points for everything they found.

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