Official Ice Age Collision Course AR App

Ice Age

Official Ice Age Collision Course AR App

– Meet Manny, Sid and Diego in AMAZING LIFE SIZE MODE. 
– Take one of your sub-zero heroes for a WALK! Make Diego roar or watch clumsy Sid pose.
– Play with two characters at once in interactive TWO PLAYER mode.
– Take control of Scrat in SPACE.

Walk Manny, Sid or Diego around your room. Take a photo of your favourite character with a friend. Are you brave enough to release a sabre-tooth tiger? 

See the characters life size – even Manny, the giant woolly mammoth!

Meet the herd – play with a friend and you can each control a character in interactive two player mode. 

Scrat is floating out in space – can you help him find his acorn? 

Have you got what it takes to fly Scrat’s spaceship – can you avoid the asteroids? 

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